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App Development

A recent hobby is coding and app development. As a part of this hobby I have started work on a game as well as a couple other apps, I'll include links here when they are up and ready to test. I guess I just love tinkering.

Battery Measurements (PhD)

For a living I study lithium-ion batteries intended for electic cars. As a part of my research we take the battery films that batteries are made of and we test them on a microscopic scale. In the picture above the tester is right in the center of the light... the part you can't see, that's because it's about the width of a human hair! It's pretty cool to work on interesting new technology with companies that make some of the coolest new tech. I have accomplished a lot and learned a lot more, I love studying and school. Our next step is flexible circuitry.

Some of the interesting things that I have worked on are: microfabrication, 3D printing and design, rapid prototyping, optics, computer integration, MATLAB, LABVIEW, Python, hardware integration, GUI design, electroplating, and more. It's certainly been an interesting journey.

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